Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Skyway Outdoor Cinema

This Friday, August 22nd will mark the final film for the year for the free Friday at dusk showings.
It'll be Horton Hears a Who, behind the 7-11 at S 126th St and 76th Avenue S, just east of Renton Avenue, a mile west of downtown Renton. Admission is free, popcorn and soda is one dollar.The show will start around 8:30.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Sinbad Cafe

Sinbad Cafe is at 229B S 4th Pl in Renton 425-228-9990, and it's my kind of place. I love cheap hole in the wall ethnic eateries, and this qualifies. The owner is Iraqi and has cooked in Greek restaurants, so the place has some of both. You can get falafel and hummus and kebabs, but also Greek salad and baklava and rotisserie chicken. The place is warm and friendly and inexpensive and good.

Blossom Asian Bistro

Blossom Asian Bistro fairly recently opened in the spot formerly occupied by Jubilante at 305 Burnett Ave South, in Renton 425-430-1610
It's an unusual place. something like an Asian tapas bar, with small plates and large rolls. Everything is artfully presented, it's creative, the food tastes good, and it's a pleasant place to hang out. It's also partly owned by Gene and Hoang Sens of the Red House also on Burnett, and that's always a good sign. Gene knows and loves good food, and cares about what gets served. The spider rolls were pretty amazing...The food is primarily a Vietnamese-Japanese fusion, and it's good.