Saturday, November 03, 2007

The difference between Bellevue and Skyway

In downtown Bellevue, folks are abuzz about the new Nieman-Marcus store. I haven't been there, but I've heard it's oh so fashionable, and oh so expensive. I'm more of a Target or Goodwill kind of guy.
In downtown Skyway, it's not a Nieman-Marcus going in at the former Schuck's located just east of the Skyway Park casino and bowling alley. It's a pawn shop superstore, so if you've been gambling and lost all your money but just know you're one hand away from winning, you can go next door and pawn your Rolex.
...On a slightly different note, the food at the bowling alley is actually pretty good. I've eaten in the "dining room" and had good prawns scampi. The veggie side dish included red peppers and yellow squash. Steaks are quite good, salads are huge, and service is friendly. A senior menu exists for folks fifty! and over. Fifty is young!
There is a separate restaurant, the Wok 52 Bistro, within the casino. The menu looks good, with a Thai/Vietnamese/Chinese fusion. I'll check it out and report back after I've gone next door to pawn my Rolex.