Saturday, January 03, 2009

Pulcinella Pizzeria

I'm really the wrong guy to be reviewing a pizza place. Having grown up in Central New Jersey, the land of tomato pies, amongst the best in the world, I just have a low tolerance for bad or mediocre pizza. Seattle may have many wonderful things, but there aren't very many good pizza places. Pulcinella Pizzeria, at 10003 Rainier Avenue S, Seattle has recently opened to big crowds.
And for good reason. The pizzas, and salads are clearly a cut above. The flour and tomatoes are imported from Italy, and the pizzas are baked quickly in a wood fired oven.
From what I've read, this is a venture for the owner of Vince's and a partner. For years I've thought of Vince's as an above average Seattle pizza place, so when Vince's is going upscale, it's worth checking out.

......and yet, while it's good pizza, it's not like some of the amazing jaw dropping, awe inspiring pizza I've eaten in the past. It's pretty comparable to Tutta Bella in Columbia City...It's in the old Lakeside Tavern space, and it's a cool, nicely renovated space...

....and yet, it's crowded and noisy, a little too expensive and a little "precious".
Also, for me the crust means a whole lot, and while I do prefer wood fired pizzas like Pulcinella does, theirs is a little too thin for me. I like thin crust, but not this thin.
People are obviously loving this place, it's generating buzz, and yeah, it's good.
But it ain't THAT good.

Pizzeria Pulicinella
10003 Rainier Ave S., Seattle 98178

Friday, January 02, 2009

East Valley Cinema now a discount theatre

Now that the Landing Cinemas have opened, Regal Cinemas has designated their other Renton theater, the East Valley Cinemas at 3751 East Valley Hwy, as a three dollars at all times theater.
They're not showing first run films, but they are currently showing 11 different films, including Batman, the Dark Knight and the Coen Brothers Burn After Reading, which I saw and loved, a frequently hilarious film with a great cast.