Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ever eat anything that's just SO good?

I've mentioned in the past that I thought that Angelo's at 3809 NE 4th ST was Renton's best pizza.
What I didn't mention is just how good it is. Besides friendly service. reasonable prices, and huge portions, they have one pizza in particular that's just a thing of beauty. It's the Eva's Special. Has red sauce and mozzarella, but also has feta, pesto, spinach, sun dried tomatoes, chicken, and onion. The flavors meld together perfectly. The nice folks at Angelo's are very accommodating, so they'll happily substitute something or omit the chicken, etc.
The other pizzas there are good, and the pastas, mostiaccoli, ravioli, lasagne, etc are also good, as is the Greek salad, but that Eva's Special!! Man! Oh Man! It's one of the Seattle area's great pizzas, great enough to bring tears to one's eyes.
3809 NE 4th St
Renton 425-228-7415