Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Good new Chinese place in Renton

I'm generally not a big fan of Chinese food, but the recently opened Szechuanese First Restaurant at 18124 East Valley Hwy,( 425-656-0889) just south of the Great Wall Shopping center really impressed me. Several things come to mind: Good, fresh flavors, large portions, and low prices. Large menu, and best of all, typos on the menu. For some reason, I always see that as a good sign, that they're devoting energy to food rather than spelling. This menu has Chinese celery with lamp.
But what we did eat was all delicious, and I'll be back for more. We had Eggplant with garlic sauce..they don't skimp on the garlic and it was attractively presented with red and green peppers.
Chicken with broccoli was also a good choice, the broccoli nicely tender and the chicken lean and flavorful. Curry prawns were fabulous, and the pot roast with flank was spicy and tender and great.
Most items on the menu are 6.95-9.95, and portions are larger, prices are lower, and the flavor is better than the same items ordered at many other Chinese restaurants.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Are some locations just cursed for restaurants?

I'm thinking of the space in downtown Renton that was Uncle Mac's, and Three Sisters, and Sandra's Place, the place at 509B S 3rd St, adjacent to Bella Napoli, across the street from Big 5.
Well, guess what? Sandra's is gone after a short stay, and has been replaced by Geri 's Casual Dining. I tried it. I liked it. Extensive menu, including grilled salmon, roast chicken, ribs, steak, burgers...Service was kind of slow, the ribs were top notch as were the greens, but...
I have no problem with religious people of any faith. But when I ask someone how they are, can't they just say "fine?" Why do I have to hear " I'm blessed." When I told the owner that I liked the food and hoped they were around for a while, she said "if the Lord is willing."
Maybe serving good food at good prices with good service would have something to do with it?
But...given the history of places in that location, she may need all the blessings she can get.