Friday, April 01, 2011

Paul Bocuse to merge with Rubbatino's

April 1, 2011
Superchef Paul Bocuse, the 85 year old chef from Lyon, France, and one of the world's most famous chefs, has announced that he will be opening his first restaurant in the United States. The location will be in Renton, Washington. Rather than having an entirely new restaurant, Bocuse said that he will be adding to the menu with some innovative touches to the existing Rubbatino's restaurant, the world class dining establishment on Renton's South Third Street.
Bocuse said " We do not wish to detract in any way from Rubbatino's elegant, exceptional cuisine. We will simply be adding some authentic French touches to the menu, such as French fries, and French toast. We see Renton as a new culinary mecca, and are thrilled to be given the opportunity to be here."

Sunday, February 06, 2011

The New "Q" Review

Sam's Pitt II has opened at the corner of NE 4th St and Olympia Ave NE in Renton. It's a takeout only, hole in the wall BBQ joint a few blocks east of Renton Technical College, and directly across from Vince's Coffee.
They'd just had a health department inspection shortly before I arrived, so that had delayed some things from being ready, so the Mac and Cheese wasn't out yet, and the ribs could've used just a little longer in the smoker. But the brisket was absolutely awesome, the chicken was superb, and the collard greens were perfect. Lemon cake is made in house. Up until about a year ago, another BBQ joint existed a couple of blocks east and across the street, Bill's Bodacious. Bill's is gone, along with their odd, almost Asian, sweet BBQ sauce, but Sam's Pitt II fills the bill admirably. They're open 10-9 daily except Monday.

Santa Fe Mexican Grill is open at 1170 Sunset Boulevard NE in Renton, in the former Herfy's location. It's Guadalajara style Mexican food, and it's solid, competent food. Service is friendly, and the guacamole is one of a kind ( and fabulous). The menu is more similar to La Hacienda and Torero's than it is to Habanero's on Rainier. Good, solid, but not exotic. Everything on the menu will seem familiar. Which is fine for most people, but not if you're looking for a brain taco.

And the Lakeside Bistro, 11425 Rainier Ave S, Seattle 98178 ( just past the Renton city limits, across from the north end of Renton airport) has a vegetarian menu in addition to the regular menu. Not just a few tofu dishes, but fauxs. Faux beef, faux chicken, faux halibut, and faux prawns. I had the wok seared faux prawns, and damn if they didn't resemble and taste like the real thing. Not enough so that I thought they made a mistake in the order, but a very reasonable and tasty facsimile. Where else can you get faux halibut and Kansas City style BBQ ribs? The ribs aren't faux. I'd like to see them try. They'd probably come up with something more riblike than McDonald's McRib sandwich, which evidently does contain actual rib meat, though it tastes more like plastic. Maybe I should have taken the wrapper off.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Rumors and Innuendos

While none of the following is guaranteed to be accurate, it's based on conversations I've overheard, or stories from people who heard them from other people who heard them from other people, or things I read on the internet, so they must be true.

1. The economy has been brutal to local restaurants. One rumor had a couple of well known local restaurants " on the bubble", either making changes or changing. I couldn't extract specific names, but I figure that Armando's new menu and format didn't come out of nowhere. ( I liked Armando's before the changes they made, but it's much better now.) The Red House is also coming out with a new menu. I'm worried about this one, because the Red House is an awesome, comfortable place, with great food. Politically, I might be more liberal than 99% of the people out there, but when it comes to restaurants, I'm pretty conservative. I like what I like, and I don't like things I really like changing.

2. A brewery/brewpub coming to Renton? That's the rumor. In the former Evergreen City/ McLendon's hardware building on S. 2nd ST. I hope it's true. I like beer.

3. A pizzeria coming to the former Jubilante/ Blossom Bistro space on Burnett?
The rumor has it that one of Renton's best restauranteurs, who formerly dished out some of Renton's finest pizzas, is getting back to his roots and returning to pizza.
I hope it's true. I like pizza.