Tuesday, April 27, 2010

River Rock Grill and Ale House

The River Rock Grill and Ale House is the bar and restaurant associated with the Maplewood Golf Course at 4050 Maple Valley Hwy in Renton.
I'm not a golfer. I've never understood the appeal of trying to knock some little ball into a hole with a stick. I'd rather garden than golf, I'd rather bowl than golf. I'd always prefer to eat than golf. Golf represents to me not the cross section of society, but the elite secret cabal who make the rules.
Thus, I stay away from golf courses and have a mistrust of the people who go there.
So I'm loathe to admit that the River Rock Grill is pretty damned good, and a good value for what you get.
They do a great clams and mussels, an extraordinary bronzed salmon, fine burgers, and delicious coconut red curry prawns. Sandwiches include guajillo chicken, which is a lime marinated chicken breast in an adobo sauce, with roasted peppers and cheese, chipotle mayo, served with really yummy sweet potato fries. They offer good deals in the bar at happy hour.
I wish I didn't like this place. Fergawdsake, it's at a golf course.
But it's really good.
River Rock Grill
4050 Maple Valley Hwy,
Renton 425-430-0311

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Vitmar European Deli

I'd driven past this store numerous times, always with the intention that one day I'd stop in. Last week it happened, and I'm happy it did. Vitmar is a Russian store. Renton also has the Russian Euroslice Deli located within the DK Market at 7th and Lind, but Vitmar has a larger selection.
It's a fun store, and they sell stuff you don't ordinarily see. Like home made pickles, and home made pickled green tomatoes, and home made pickled apples ( sorry, I don't have the guts to try that one.)
I bought a container of the pickles, and they were awesome half sours. They also sell all kinds of cakes, chocolate, and cookies. They sell rugelach, the horn shaped filled cookies which are outrageously delicious,the crust made with butter and cream cheese.
They sell sausages, jars of red cabbage, all kinds of cheese, rye bread, and a large selection of kefir.
I'll go back for pickles soon.
4033 NE Sunset blvd
(at N Union Ave)
Renton, WA 98056
(425) 255-4671

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Google wants Renton to audition

Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, announced Thursday that several cities have been selected to audition to become " wired cities", and that Renton has made the cut.
Schmidt, in a Google video conference call with Mayor Law and the council, announced that the audition process will involve having council members wearing costumes of the Google mascot, the Tyranesorus Rex, and snorting the pledge of allegiance before every meeting.
Asked for his reaction, Mayor Law said " We're grateful for the opportunity to be considered, and have already ordered dinosaur suits."