Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Free breakfast at IKEA through January 3rd

Ingvar Kamprad, the founder of IKEA, is worth approximately 22 billion dollars, and Forbes magazine considers him the fifth wealthiest person in the world.
From 1942-1945, Ingvar Kamprad recruited and fund raised for the Nazis.
Having said all that, IKEA is giving away their small breakfasts absolutely free through January 3rd. You don't have to buy anything, and if you get there before 10 AM, coffee is included. We're talking eggs and bacon.
I don't boycott IKEA, some of the furniture is pretty nice looking. But the store is too big and gives me a headache, so I go there infrequently.
Just sayin': You don't need to feel bad taking a breakfast from these people. You won't be taking money or food from a cash strapped charity. You'll be taking food from a billionaire ex Nazi. Eat hearty.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Is the Renton Village 8 Cinemas Gone?

Their movies are not listed in the paper or online. They are not answering their phone.
Yes, the theatre at the Landing is lovely. Yes, maybe there were too many screens in Renton with not enough population to support it, and something had to give. Yes, having the three dollar theatre at the East Valley cinemas is awesome.
But the Renton Village Cinemas go back a while, and I'm sad to see them go, if they are truly gone.
Then again, I was pretty sad when the Roxy Cinema in downtown Renton closed, even if, at the time they were only showing Indian films with no subtitles.
If I understand things correctly, the East Valley Cinemas was recently for sale. It would be terrible if they closed too.