Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Landing movies open

The Regal 14 Cinema at the Landing, the new retail and residential complex in Renton, is open.

It's a "soft opening" meaning it's not officially open til Friday October 17th, but Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, all movies, all shows are two dollars.
Saw " Iron Man" today, and it was easily worth two dollars. Not the type of film I usually like, but it was well written, full of action, and clever.

Block Watch Meeting

For those of you who live in the 80th Avenue South and South 130th Street vicinity on Earlington Hill, there's a block watch meeting on Wednesday, October 15th at 7 PM at the Skyway Fire Training Center, 12424 76th Ave S, Seattle, behind the Skyway library.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Skyway Outdoor Cinema

This Friday, August 22nd will mark the final film for the year for the free Friday at dusk showings.
It'll be Horton Hears a Who, behind the 7-11 at S 126th St and 76th Avenue S, just east of Renton Avenue, a mile west of downtown Renton. Admission is free, popcorn and soda is one dollar.The show will start around 8:30.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Sinbad Cafe

Sinbad Cafe is at 229B S 4th Pl in Renton 425-228-9990, and it's my kind of place. I love cheap hole in the wall ethnic eateries, and this qualifies. The owner is Iraqi and has cooked in Greek restaurants, so the place has some of both. You can get falafel and hummus and kebabs, but also Greek salad and baklava and rotisserie chicken. The place is warm and friendly and inexpensive and good.

Blossom Asian Bistro

Blossom Asian Bistro fairly recently opened in the spot formerly occupied by Jubilante at 305 Burnett Ave South, in Renton 425-430-1610 www.blossomasianbistro.com
It's an unusual place. something like an Asian tapas bar, with small plates and large rolls. Everything is artfully presented, it's creative, the food tastes good, and it's a pleasant place to hang out. It's also partly owned by Gene and Hoang Sens of the Red House also on Burnett, and that's always a good sign. Gene knows and loves good food, and cares about what gets served. The spider rolls were pretty amazing...The food is primarily a Vietnamese-Japanese fusion, and it's good.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Sandy's Taqueria

Sandy's recently opened in the location of the sorely missed Aloha BBQ, and it's a good one.
They've only got five menu items: Tacos, Burritos, quesadillas, tortas, and mulitas. A mulita is similar to a quesadilla but with meat..greasy but delicious. A torta is a sandwich on a Mexican roll, and the one I had was the best I've eaten outside of Mexico. Prices are insanely low. Everything on the menu is 4.25, and that includes four tacos. The meats are great, they've got horchatas, what's not to like?
2439-B Maple Valley Hwy, Renton 98055 425-226-7752

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Good new Chinese place in Renton

I'm generally not a big fan of Chinese food, but the recently opened Szechuanese First Restaurant at 18124 East Valley Hwy,( 425-656-0889) just south of the Great Wall Shopping center really impressed me. Several things come to mind: Good, fresh flavors, large portions, and low prices. Large menu, and best of all, typos on the menu. For some reason, I always see that as a good sign, that they're devoting energy to food rather than spelling. This menu has Chinese celery with lamp.
But what we did eat was all delicious, and I'll be back for more. We had Eggplant with garlic sauce..they don't skimp on the garlic and it was attractively presented with red and green peppers.
Chicken with broccoli was also a good choice, the broccoli nicely tender and the chicken lean and flavorful. Curry prawns were fabulous, and the pot roast with flank was spicy and tender and great.
Most items on the menu are 6.95-9.95, and portions are larger, prices are lower, and the flavor is better than the same items ordered at many other Chinese restaurants.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Are some locations just cursed for restaurants?

I'm thinking of the space in downtown Renton that was Uncle Mac's, and Three Sisters, and Sandra's Place, the place at 509B S 3rd St, adjacent to Bella Napoli, across the street from Big 5.
Well, guess what? Sandra's is gone after a short stay, and has been replaced by Geri 's Casual Dining. I tried it. I liked it. Extensive menu, including grilled salmon, roast chicken, ribs, steak, burgers...Service was kind of slow, the ribs were top notch as were the greens, but...
I have no problem with religious people of any faith. But when I ask someone how they are, can't they just say "fine?" Why do I have to hear " I'm blessed." When I told the owner that I liked the food and hoped they were around for a while, she said "if the Lord is willing."
Maybe serving good food at good prices with good service would have something to do with it?
But...given the history of places in that location, she may need all the blessings she can get.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

DK Market

Tried to go to Lenny's Market yesterday in the Walmart shopping center yesterday only to find out that they're gone, moved around the corner to a larger space...They are now the Dk Market, at the corner of S 7th St and Lind Ave S.
It's a fun place to shop, and they sell far more than just produce.
Lots of imported/gourmet items, ranging from hummus to Polish mushroom soups, to vacuum packed coffee from Croatia ( if they don't know about coffee in Croatia, where do they?). Prices are low in this no frills warehouse store, selection of fruits and veggies is huge. Go there.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

More tidbits

Finegan's irish Pub is now on 2nd in downtown Renton, where Giant's Causeway was. It wasn't the worst restaurant in Renton, but service was glacially slow and the food wasn't good. Finegan's is owned by the guy who owns the Williams Ave Pub, across the street from Finegan's on Williams.
The Williams Avenue Pub, as previously reviewed on these pages, is a dive bar, but really has great food.
An African restaurant is coming to Skyway, supposedly open soon, the Afriq Restaurant and Lounge will be at 12619 Renton Avenue S. It's Kenyan owned and will feature foods from all over the African diaspora..DJ Peter Alumasa, who owns a record store on Lake City Way, is the owner.

And another BBQ joint is open in Skyway, Champs Bar and BBQ at 12544 Renton Ave S.
Haven't been there, but will try it, as I do love ribs.
But Champs has a formidable competitor across the street at Gabby's Q, previously reviewed on these pages. Gabby's may not have seating, but they have consistently good quality 'Q.

Skyway Park makeover

There is funding available to do a "makeover" of Skyway Park, located behind the Roman Casino in Skyway, two miles west of downtown Renton. Skyway has a terrible reputation as a place where people go if they want to get shot. It's not quite that bad, but it's often less than savory, especially at night.
But people have all kinds of ideas for Skyway Park, which is about 50 acres. Wednesday Feb 6 will be a public meeting about the park at the Fire District training center on 76th Ave S.
Me, I like the idea of devoting a small portion of the park for an off leash dog area. It's a good way to bring people together, and when people with legitimate uses congregate in one area, the folks with less than legitimate uses go somewhere else.
The City of Renton is also forming an off leash dog park steering committee. Call the Renton Parks Department to get placed on their mailing list.

The Caucuses

I'm not talking about the mountain range in Eastern Europe, I'm talking about the party caucuses in Washington State on Saturday February 9th. Call or visit the websites for the King County Democrats or Republicans for your exact location. I've done it a few times, and it's always kind of fun..takes a couple of hours of your time. And you get to feel like you were really part of the political process by showing up.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Tidbits ( On Toast)

Was it the power of the Renton Hipster?
Yes, Mimosa on Airport Way, Freakazoid Freddy's choice as "the worst restaurant in Renton" has changed hands and changed names. It is now Tri An Quan, with hours from 7AM-1AM.
I'm assuming it's Vietnamese ( like duh. With a name like that, it should be a Jewish delicatessen?)
Their parking lot is frequently full. Which doesn't mean anyone's eating there. Maybe the new owner owns a lot of cars. I will check it out and report back.

Golden Indian Curry, with branches both on Southcenter Parkway and on the East Hill of Kent, has one of the better Indian lunch buffets, and at 7.99, one of the better deals. The only Indian lunch buffet in Renton can be had at Pabla, across the way from the downtown Fred Meyer.
Naan and Curry no longer does a lunch buffet, but I still like 'em for dinner.

Opening soon at The Landing, Renton's new shopping and residential complex will be a Red Robin.
So far, the Landing doesn't really impress me, with Lowes, Target, Staples, and Panda Express.
I'd rather see stores that were unique, not big chain stores that could be found in Dubuque, Iowa, or Hightstown, New Jersey...But Red Robin does have a cheeseburger salad, a nice big mixed greens salad topped with melted cheese and sauteed onions and mushrooms.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Renton's One of a kind veterinarian

About 9 days ago our cat suffered a stroke. We found her lying next to her food bowl, seemingly unable to move, seemingly close to death. We hoped we could get Dr. Lemmon to squeeze her in, and sure enough, he did.
Dr. Michael Lemmon, at the Highlands Veterinary Clinic ( 1409 Union Ave NE, Renton 425-226-8418) is a practitioner of holistic veterinary medicine. A lot of vets now claim to incorporate holistic medicines into their practices, but Lemmon has been doing it for 20+ years at his very unpretentious digs in the Renton Highlands. He's really an odd duck. He doesn't have great people skills, but he has great animal skills, and is far less expensive and more effective than most vets. About 6 years ago, this same cat had some kind of kidney issue, and we took her to Lemmon. What he prescribed seemed pretty witch doctory at the time, but it worked. Colostrum, oxygenated water, and a homemade food, to be fed by dropper, consisting of liver, raw egg, and brewers yeast. It worked like a charm, and the cat was back to her old obnoxious self in no time.
A stroke is a far more serious matter. But arnica homeopathics and a special kitty massage and a prescription for an algae bioconcentrate...the kitty is now walking again ( with a lot of sway, and some falls) but she's walking, she's climbing up stairs, her vitality is back, and her appetite is fully back. She's improving every day, and Dr. Lemmon believes she has a good chance at a full recovery. The good doc is holding off on acupuncture for now, believing that at this point, she's progressing quickly enough in her recovery that she doesn't need it.
If you're willing to suspend belief in traditional veterinary medicine, Lemmon is quite effective in making animals better. He doesn't have much charm, doesn't seem to know how to relate to people very well, but if I want charm I can find a used car salesman.

Thursday, January 10, 2008


I go through phases of cuisines I like. Most recently I've rediscovered Indian, and then, just the other day, Japanese.
In the Great Wall Shopping Mall, on the Renton/Kent border 18230 E Valley Hwy, is the Edokko Restaurant( 425-656-0556), and boy is it good! Some foods just make me feel good, and a bowl of miso soup and a plate of Saba Shioyaki( broiled) does the trick. Saba is mackerel, and Edokko has it and salmon shioyaki and sushi and sashimi and sukiyaki and teriyaki, and it's inexpensive and just plain good! This is a good one, folks.