Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Terrible Beauty is not terrible at all

I've now been to the Irish Pub A Terrible Beauty at 201 Williams Ave S.
a few times now, and like the place quite a lot. The place was once a bank, I think, and since then has had several incarnations. It was a brewery( and a good one!), and then several incarnations of Irish Pub. When it first opened as an Irish Pub, the food was astoundingly bad, and as fellow blogger Tin Foil Hat asked " How can you screw up corned beef and cabbage?"
Well, that was several ownerships ago, and I'm happy to report that A Terrible Beauty has really good food now. In fact, they make their own corned beef, the fries are skins on and hand cut, they serve breakfast on weekends, and reasonably priced above average quality pub food the rest of the time.
They had chocolate cheesecake the last time I was there, and it too was great.
Many pubs and taverns have food as an afterthought, and the patrons are too drunk to know the difference.
Not A Terrible Beauty. This place takes their food quality seriously. The place is a comfortable place to hang out in, and service is mostly just fine, though when I was there for breakfast they were understaffed, and the poor server was running around frantically trying to keep up. Go there.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Primo's Tacos

A scary thought occurred to me. Many of the restaurants I've reviewed in the last 3+ years are out of business. Some of them I've loved and miss dearly. One such restaurant that recently changed hands is now called Primo Tacos, and is at 239 Sunset Ave N. It most recently housed Antojitos La Villa, and before that was a Colombian place. It has hardly changed in it's most recent incarnation, and that's a good thing. It's friendly, it's cheap, and it's good. Renton is blessed to have many, many places to get tacos. Primos has more thn tacos, and has items not commonly found in more typical Mexican restaurants, such as huaraches ( not the sandals).
One of these days I'll do an extensive " best tacos in Renton" post. Until then, why not suggest taco places for me to try, not including Taco Bell and Taco time?