Thursday, May 13, 2010

And yet more pizza

I'll admit it. I could eat pizza on a daily basis. It's truly something I really love, and something I have very little control over when it's in front of me. Which leads me to:
Flying Pie Pizza
12642 164th Ave SE
Renton 425-228-8012

They have a challenge. If you eat their mega combo pizza, the large one, in it's entirety, in under 60 minutes, it's free. It's been attempted numerous times, but nobody has ever succeeded. Could I pull it off? I think I could. I have that rare talent. I once ate an entire 16 inch pizza with multiple toppings in four minutes and thirty seconds, and it would give me and Flying Pie free publicity.
And the pizza there isn't bad at all. You get to choose from four different crusts, ranging from extra thin to extra thick. It's not my favorite pizza in Renton, and the salad bar is downright insipid. But it's clearly much better than average pizza, the place is fun, a nice place to hang out in.
So, should I accept the challenge? Will it kill me?