Friday, September 17, 2010

Mom & Pop International Groceries

Mom & Pop International Groceries recently opened at 357 Rainier Avenue N, across from the Renton airport, and just a block or so north of the AM-PM at the corner of Airport Way and Rainier, and it's a fun little store.
It's not a large space, but there's fun stuff to be had there. I ended up buying frozen garlic naan, chocolate, sauerkraut, feta cheese, and French butter, and that's fairly representative of what can be had there. They have Mexican items, Filipino items, Samoan items, Thai, Vietnamese, Middle Eastern, Polish, African...
Nice looking sausages in the freezer, frozen taro leaves, and really good prices on extra virgin olive oil.
All in all, prices are really low there. They even beat the DK Market on some items, and DK is cheap!
It's a friendly place, and you can even get a half gallon of milk there. Milk might be the only item there not imported.
It's yet one more interesting and fun businesses in our midst.