Monday, November 29, 2010

This and that

Flying Pie Pizza in the Briarwood area of Renton has lost their lease and is out of business. Their Issaquah location remains open. It was pretty good pizza and a pleasant place. And I never got a chance to take them up on their " challenge" of eating an entire extra large multi topping pizza within sixty minutes. No one ever succeeded, despite the promise of free food. I would've done it, I really would. I have those talents.

Lakeside Bistro on Rainier Avenue just across from the Renton airport has a new menu and a new happy hour menu. I just love the place. Mostly because they're quirky and happily embrace that. Too many restaurants are trying to be like other successful restaurants, and what ends up happening is that restaurants look alike and serve the same food as each other. Not Lakeside Bistro. They don't care what's trendy, they serve what's good. Marilyn Monroe on the wall. Old jazz on the stereo. And what a crazy, delightful mix! Sure, they're Vietnamese and serve Pho and lemon grass Chicken and wok seared noodles. But the happy hour menu also has chicken hoagies and fries, burgers and fries, and Kansas City style BBQ ribs.
And the " Moonlight Skewers" seriously rock! There's no place quite like Lakeside Bistro.

Angelo's on NE 4th in Renton Highlands continues to dispense far better than average pizza, pasta, and salads. The place gets crowded, but they run the place so efficiently. It's really a pleasure to go into a place where the owners and staff really know what they're doing.


rod stewart said...

been going to ANGELOS for 23 the best in Renton

JRRII said...

I loved the crust at Flying Pie. I'll have to go to Issaquah to eat their pies now.

I too love Angelos. Still remember Angelo and all the hat's he had on the wall. Tom and Lisa do a great job of running Angelos now. The half and half is my favorite, but all the food is really good!!

New2Renton said...

Lakeside Bistro truly is amazing. The meals are delicious, but what impressed me most was the ambiance; great service and live music on Friday nights.

Andy Peck said...

The food at Lakeside Bistro is great, and reasonably priced. The place is very small and intimate -- perhaps ten tables. The best part is Phil Westbrook, who entertains there at least monthly. We first met him when he was an entertainer on a cruise ship.